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AoS-Fest II : The Return of the Green Monkey
(or "Welcome to Nashville...Now go home!")

Nashville's Concrete Wave Country Skatepark
Nashville, Tennessee
October 8 - 10, 2004 (Fri-Sun)

composed by C.Solomon(aka. AMOR-one)
photos by C.Solomon, Stephen, Ultraphage and Mike Callahan
Intro & Preface Friday 1  2  3  4  5   ) Saturday 1  2  3  4  5  6  7   ) Sunday 1   ) Afterwards Sponsors
   Like last year's event, this year I started thinking about where to have AoS-fest II around Springtime. Like last year, Spring vacation plans, holidays, etc lead into the heat of the Summer, so plans were delayed until Fall again. This was ok by me though because Nashville had just opened their new skatepark around June, and I figured it would be a great spot for this year's park, fun town, etc. Around August or so, I put the word out again....when and where this year's AoS-fest would be going down. I must say right now, Lucius "Lush" Carroll stepped up, volunteered his time and help and began the task of calling on sponsors for this year's swag giveaways. I could not have done that myself, and Lucious really ran with it. Also, the good folks at did their part in spreading the word and getting the locals involved as well. Going into it, AoS-fest II was looking good. Little did I know, it would far exceed my expectations in fun!
The following is the account from several individuals in attendance for the event. Rather than a long-winded description of the goings-on from my perspective soley, I thought it best to intermingle several peoples' versions of the event. Our story tellers and/or witnesses are as follows:
Name AKA (*=Skull & Bones name) Name AKA (*=Skull & Bones name)
Chris Solomon Amorone Stephen The_Green_Monkey*
Tom Bagby Zodiac13* Jay Salilias jay~es*
Liz Bagby Den Mother Mike Callahan ShackleMeNot*
Tim Birt Five Points Skateboards* Rob Behler Drew Carey
Troy Birt Brother of Tim, T2 Brian Atwood Plywood20*
Chad Hegerty Skatedad* Derek MODSKIN*
Alex Hegerty Skateson Mark EM Dash*
Jeff AlvaCollector* (AC) Lucius Carroll Lush*
Gustav H. GUSTO* Seth Levy LetsGoSKatePool*
Jason Ultraphage*
Best advice….pick a "story teller" above and follow their account straight through…or for some fun and adventure, read it all at once and try to keep up!


Zodiac13:Getting the hookup on the rooms by Amorone. Sweet location, right in the heart of the beast. Thanks! Whoever said Roebuck and Vestavia can't get along was a filthy fucking liar. Mrs. Zodiac13 acted as "Den Mother" and really enjoyed meeting everyone.
MODSKIN: I am so pissed I didn't make this... To make a long story short, I had the battery stolen out of my car for the second time this year. Luckily they did not check the trunk, because I would have been out of my Real bag full of clothes and both of my I guess I'm luckily in that respect.
AlvaCollector: AOS II started on Wednesday the 30th for me. After weeks of planning it was finally the day to make the 6 hour trek to get the infamous Jeep. I opted to get the Jeep and bring it home before driving it to Nashville. I figured if it broke down I'd rather it did on my way home than somewhere in Indiana(don't get me started on Indiana). Sk8betty and I headed down to Decatur, Illinois at 3pm, met up with the seller at 6pm and were home by 10pm. Jeep ran like a charm, a charm with a non working gas needle that is. My only complaint would be the stereo that would take 20 minutes to find a station and then lose the station once you turned off the vehicle. Probably not a bad thing since the speakers sounded like one of those two cans on a string contraptions you made as a kid to communicate between house and fort.
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