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At this time, we have chosen not to create an Art of Skateboarding forum. There are already too many skateboard forums out there to keep up with, and we do not want to add to the confusion. However, we do suggest you utilize the forums below. (We can even be found quite often on some of them!) These forums have been around a good while and have a nice community established already. In this way, we hope that we can help keep most of the collectors together under one to speak.

Our most favorite forum is SkullandBones. A good while back, Ron (from Indiana) and Henrik (from Europe) put this together, and their little baby is all grown up now! Somewhere along the way, either it got to big to manage, their interest passed, or life in general just got too busy, so they passed the torch (along with all headaches, daily babysitting tasks, etc) to Blair "Slob-Air" Watson (from Canada). Given full control, Slob has taken the forum and ran with it. It has grown into quite a large community of regular members/characters, guests, lurkers, and occasional skate "celebs" with a troll or two every once in a while that gets run out pretty quickly. Great forum topics! Great community of members! And a treasure trove of information! I suggest new members lurk a bit to figure out some of the characters involved as there is bound to be a nice drama unfolding from time to time, and you had best be careful of the sides you pick....these folks have great memories! (ha-ha) New members are almost always put through a little light hazing/initiation as well, but once you in, your part of the family. Maybe one day we will build our own forum just like that one...or maybe we will just merge the two (ha-ha). Go have a look and tell 'em we sent ya!

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