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*watched by AOS
1/18/2015set of 3 Acme decks
*watched by AOS
1/19/2015Peralta Wellinder Skull...XT and clean!
*watched by AOS
1/21/2015EARLY G&S Jim Gray...used but nice!
*watched by AOS
1/21/2015COOP Pirates of Venus deck....used (why?!?!?!)
*watched by AOS
1/23/20151984 Powell McGill complete and period correct
*watched by AOS
1/23/20151984-ish RED McGill complete
*watched by AOS
1/25/2015Roskopp....great colorway!
*watched by AOS
2/3/20151988 NASH Sound Board (good condition....oddball deck!
*watched by AOS
2/10/20152010 Curbside Skates...Jimbo Phillips art!!!
*watched by AOS
2/18/2015Original Tony Hawk (USED)
*watched by AOS
4/1/20151989 NOS Mint Lucero Street Thing 2 Red Stain BIN
*LINK advertised by mpsorensen
4/1/20151989 NOS Mint Lucero Street Thing 2 Purp Stain BIN
*LINK advertised by mpsorensen
4/1/2015Powell Peralta Skull and Daggers Deck 9.5 x 32.75
*LINK advertised by mpsorensen
4/1/20151987 NOS Smith Howard Hood Lions Spears Yellow BIN
*LINK advertised by mpsorensen
4/14/2015Alva complete with Beautiful Wood Grain - BIN
*LINK advertised by FakieMaster
4/25/2015NOS Flip Tom Penny Mushroom 2000 Screen Printed Vi
*LINK advertised by chrismartin
4/26/2015Flip Tom Penny Cheech and Chong template 1996
*LINK advertised by chrismartin
4/27/2015Rob Dyrdek Alien Workshop 2001
*LINK advertised by asicrules
4/3/2015Flip Skateboards Tom Penny Wrath 2004
*TRADE advertised by angrysenator
4/9/2015Flip Tom Penny Mushroom 2000/2001
*TRADE advertised by chrismartin
4/9/2015Flip Tom Penny Cheech & Chong 1996
*TRADE advertised by chrismartin
4/29/2015Natas 101 Satan C&D - LE #20/100
*PRIVATE SALE advertised by bigdeer
4/29/2015Grosso Toy Box - First run black dip reissue.
*PRIVATE SALE advertised by bigdeer
4/29/2015Hawk Pig - Frist run LE Bones Brigade reissue
*PRIVATE SALE advertised by bigdeer
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Mar 24 2015
Small things here and there ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Just a few updates this morning...added some decks to the Price Guide...fixed the "main image" information on the Price Guide details. Enjoy!
Mar 18 2015
Neal Hendrix parts ways with Elephant ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) We all pretty much saw the writing on the wall when Mike V. left yet another company (and a lot of good people out to dry). Neal Hendrix announced today on Facebook that he too has now left Elephant. His post...."Today I decided to leave Elephant Skateboards after 3 really fun years. Ever since Mike V decided to do his own brand with his family I have been reflecting and trying to figure out what sounds fun for me for the future. Elephant was Mikes baby and I didn't feel like I could steer the ship alone. Totally appreciate the opportunity and platform that Mike gave me the last few years. I was at a point in my skateboarding and life where I am working for Woodward full time, while still skating every day and all I wanted was to ride for a rad brand that I was proud of with some cool people. With their help I was able to put out a couple of vert parts that I was super proud of, go on a couple of really fun trips and connect with some like minded people around the world that shared a mutual passion. Raw skateboarding. Appreciate everyone that helped make Elephant fun for a while, Mike and his family, Joey and the Resource crew and Brad, Kat and Chuck at Select. Luckily Paul Schmitt's woodshop is right down the street from me, so getting boards going forward won't be a problem. I'll keep ya updated with what the future holds. Thanks everyone. Hope you get a kick out of this ad that never came out."
Mar 13 2015
Donny Myhre selling on eBay ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Ex-Zorlac pro and all around great guy, Donny Myhre is unloading a nice stash of decks on eBay. Check them out! seller GODZOOKIESKATE ...enjoy! (and if you are in the Nashville area, check out Donny's business...Franklin Skate Shop!)
Mar 12 2015
VERT ATTACK 9 TIME!!!! ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Malmo, Sweden is THE place to be this weekend! ....and if you can not be there (like us) you can watch VERT ATTACK live! LIVE WEBCAST
Jan 31 2015
SUPER SESSION 3 ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) At Super Session 3 at Ollie's skatepark in Florence, KY!!! Some amazing VERT skating going down!
Jan 27 2015
Vallely and Elephant part ways ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Not sure on how this is all playing out or going down, but after Street Plant (Vallely's new company) had their big board release today, someone on social media asked what was the deal now with Elephant. Mike V simply replied "@dean_rucker I am no longer involved. My family and I are doing Street Plant completely on our own." Interesting. I wonder what will become of Elephant now....especially since I have friends that ride for them!
Street Plant sells out! ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Well, ok...not in the way you think. Mike Vallely started up a new company called "Street Plant" on his on (more on Elephant's future later). Today, Mike released a limited edition version of the "Barnyard" deck....100 made by Paul Schmitt (yes, THAT Paul Schmitt) hand signed and numbered by Mike. They were sold out in hours after going online today. More to come from what Mike is saying.
Jan 21 2015
Site Clean Up ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Spent this morning cleaning up some code...making the little "boxes" all around the site more consistent and simplifying the code for them (most used old <table> code from 2002! haha) Let me know what you think! More clean up coming!
Jan 17 2015
PRICE fix! ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Members can now add/enter prices on products/items again. I had no idea it was broken. haha Fixed now though! Get to adding! (*This means you, Chris Hall! haha)
Jan 16 2015
Tweaks and tunes ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Fixed an issue with renewing trades/consign. Fixed issue with members signing up or changing info. Sorry about that! DOH!
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