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Neal Hendrix parts ways with Elephant(source AoS / reported by AMORONE)
3/18/2015 - Wednesday

We all pretty much saw the writing on the wall when Mike V. left yet another company (and a lot of good people out to dry). Neal Hendrix announced today on Facebook that he too has now left Elephant. His post...."Today I decided to leave Elephant Skateboards after 3 really fun years. Ever since Mike V decided to do his own brand with his family I have been reflecting and trying to figure out what sounds fun for me for the future. Elephant was Mikes baby and I didn't feel like I could steer the ship alone. Totally appreciate the opportunity and platform that Mike gave me the last few years. I was at a point in my skateboarding and life where I am working for Woodward full time, while still skating every day and all I wanted was to ride for a rad brand that I was proud of with some cool people. With their help I was able to put out a couple of vert parts that I was super proud of, go on a couple of really fun trips and connect with some like minded people around the world that shared a mutual passion. Raw skateboarding. Appreciate everyone that helped make Elephant fun for a while, Mike and his family, Joey and the Resource crew and Brad, Kat and Chuck at Select. Luckily Paul Schmitt's woodshop is right down the street from me, so getting boards going forward won't be a problem. I'll keep ya updated with what the future holds. Thanks everyone. Hope you get a kick out of this ad that never came out."

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