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The MOVE is on!!!!(source AoS / reported by AMORONE)
1/5/2015 - Monday around to moving/migrating/upgrading the database behind all the "magic" that happens here at AOS. Things are looking good and my "test" server is flying now with the change. Really excited! I should spend most of this week just checking and rechecking things, working out kinks, etc. before making the big move formally. Stay tuned!...want more info? NERD TALK TO FOLLOW...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! yes, AOS was built long ago as a little side hobby/project and used what was available at the time...Microsoft Access 2000 loaded on my "work" laptop (haha) So yes, it has "hobbled" along all these years on Access!!! Now, I am moving it to the latest and greatest MySQL database. I looked at others...MongoDB...and even SAP HANA platform (since I work on it)...but MySQL is the easiest, most powerful and cheapest (ie. free!)...and my hosting company supports it very easily! What else does this mean? Well, lets just say some BIG changes for AOS on the frontend are coming...and did someone ask me about "apps" one time...or a thousand times? haha Stay tuned!

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