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Aug 15 2014
RIP Jay Adams ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) The world lost another great today. Stacy Peralta reports that Jay Adams died of a massived heart attack. I should not have to tell anyone what Jay means to skateboarding and it's history. He lived life by his own set of rules and lived it to the fullest. He will be missed. RIP Jay-Boy!
Aug 12 2014
Shipyard Skates is restocked! ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Hank from Shipyard Skates reports that the Ray Fennessey "Evan the Conqueror" decks are BACK IN STOCK!!!! Each deck you buy helps Ray in his recovery from a bad skate injury. I got mine. You get yours. Order TODAY!
Aug 7 2014
Baby steps.... ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) You might notice a few changes here and there with the site over coming days. Working on making it more "responsive" to different layouts...PC screen, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. Hope it helps!
June 30 2014
Randy Colvin in a bad way ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) It appears Randy Colvin may be going away to prison for armed robbery. Friends close to Randy say that he has been dealing with a drug problem, and it seems to have gotten the best of him. We all hate to see such talent gone to waste. Too many folks end up in prison or dead due to drugs. I am sure we all have stories we could share. Keep in mind, the poor employee (and their family) who Randy traumatized and could have accidentally killed. Here is the report and very clear video of the robbery: Man Sought in Armed Robbery of Phoenix gas station
June 25 2014
Shogo Kubo....R.I.P. ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Sad to hear that the skateboarding world has lost another legend. It has been reported that Shogo Kubo passed away in Hawaii at the age of 55 years old from an apparent heart attack. God speed Shugo and our prayers are with your friends and family.
June 18 2014
Jeremy Klein reissues his own deck! ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) If you loved the old Jeremy Klein "Candy Bar" deck, well here is your chance to get a new one. Klein...for some odd reason...is doing his own small reissue run that appears to be some kind of "side project". It comes in two shapes (new and old school) and is silk screened by the original screeners (Screamin’ Squegees). You can go find more info at Candy Bar Board.
June 9 2014
X-Games and my birthday weekend blowout! ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Well, as I always like to do, my birthDAY becomes a birthWEEK celebration. Blew it out from Thursday thru Sunday to celebrate 43 years on the flying mudball we call Earth. Don't fret though...you can still send all your NOS decks, petty cash and Southwest airline drink vouchers to me as a gift! (hahaha)

And of course, I did spend some time checking out the X-Games (although I was trying to boycott them due to their decision to cut the women's vert and bowl contest in order to have pro video gamers there....uggg...but that's another discussion). Hated to see Bucky not win vert, but he was hurt and did manage to finally take a medal in rally racing! The big air contest was great to see but without Way in there it doesn't seem as much a competition as a demo of a few kids and Bob Burnquist. (haha) I think the Brazilian skater,Edgard Pereira, got ripped off in that too by the way. Street or "guess who comes in second place to Nyjah Huston" went as expected. The bowl contest however was AWESOME!!!! Loved to see our local boy Grant Taylor come in second!!! Pedro...well...he was just Pedro. haha McClain killed and could win if he could just stay on a run! Caples and Jaws were fun to watch. Just the whole thing was great to watch! Now, next year, let's hope they get the women back in there!
June 3 2014
Price Guide breaks 17,000 !!! ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Thanks to some Grosso decks added today, the Price Guide just broke the 17k mark! STOKED!

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