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Jan 31 2015
SUPER SESSION 3 ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) At Super Session 3 at Ollie's skatepark in Florence, KY!!! Some amazing VERT skating going down!
Jan 27 2015
Vallely and Elephant part ways ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Not sure on how this is all playing out or going down, but after Street Plant (Vallely's new company) had their big board release today, someone on social media asked what was the deal now with Elephant. Mike V simply replied "@dean_rucker I am no longer involved. My family and I are doing Street Plant completely on our own." Interesting. I wonder what will become of Elephant now....especially since I have friends that ride for them!
Street Plant sells out! ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Well, ok...not in the way you think. Mike Vallely started up a new company called "Street Plant" on his on (more on Elephant's future later). Today, Mike released a limited edition version of the "Barnyard" deck....100 made by Paul Schmitt (yes, THAT Paul Schmitt) hand signed and numbered by Mike. They were sold out in hours after going online today. More to come from what Mike is saying.
Jan 21 2015
Site Clean Up ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Spent this morning cleaning up some code...making the little "boxes" all around the site more consistent and simplifying the code for them (most used old <table> code from 2002! haha) Let me know what you think! More clean up coming!
Jan 17 2015
PRICE fix! ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Members can now add/enter prices on products/items again. I had no idea it was broken. haha Fixed now though! Get to adding! (*This means you, Chris Hall! haha)
Jan 16 2015
Tweaks and tunes ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) Fixed an issue with renewing trades/consign. Fixed issue with members signing up or changing info. Sorry about that! DOH!
Jan 10 2015
SUPER SESSION III ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) ArtofSkateboarding.com is a proud sponsor of "SUPER SESSION 3" happening January 30 - February 1, 2015 at Ollies Skatepark (8171 Dixie Hwy, Florence, Kentucky). Want to see some of the best vert skating in the world by one of the largest gatherings for vert skaters? Be there! As I think Mark Twain once said "reports of VERT's death are greatly exaggerated".
Jan 9 2015
Donations...THANKS! ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) I want to thank the folks who have donated to the site in the past few days. It helps a LOT!!! As you may or may not know (or noticed), I try to keep the site ad-free...however, hosting the site DOES cost money...which comes out of my pocket. But your donations help go towards that and are most appreciated. Even the price of a beer can go a long way if many people pitch in. So please...if you can...DONATE TODAY TO KEEP AOS AD-FREE!!!
Updates...SCROLLER!!! ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) You might have noticed, I am tweaking, tuning, and "finally getting off my ass and fixing things" here and there. One BIG one...the front/home page "ticker" that scrolls...it works! Furthermore, I expanded it to now show links for ANYTHING that I (or members) might think interests you(ie. the market). Hope you like it!
Jan 8 2015
...and we are BACK! ( source AoS / reported by AMORONE ) The migration to MySQL took a little longer than needed/wanted due to unforeseen obstacles. Glad to say that is over and you can now enjoy the site. I am STILL tweaking and tuning some things now to speed it up so bare with me. THANKS!
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