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 + Restoration Tricks and Tips

  Finishing Touches...
 the following tip comes from Jedi_DeAngelis...
"Get this.... Saran Wrap! I shit you not! Get some saran wrap and pull it out the length of your board. Then take a blow dryer on HOT and it'll shrink down and form to the board. Now... the plastic doesn't wrap all the way around. Just get some more saran wrap and put it on the back. BUT before you go and yell "but then you get the crappy overlay on the graphic side!".... trim the plastic around the edge. Lay the saran wrap on the top and use the blow dryer like on the graphic side. Go around the edge and make sure it's nice and stuck. Then cut around the edge with some scissors and blow-dry it again. I'm telln' ya! My boards look like NOS mint decks still in the wrap."
 the following tip comes from Amorone...
"You can also purchase rolls of shrink wrap material at office supply stores. Using the same hot dryer method described above, you can shrink wrap your own decks. Otherwise, call around to local bulk mail stores ("Mail etc", "Pak Mail", "Mailbox Express", etc). Several also provide shrink wrapping services."
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